Mentor Matchmaking

Following the amazing success of the Mentor Matchmaking program the last two years, we have decided to run it again this year.

  • If you’re an experienced hand at BECC and want to meet new attendees and pass on your knowledge, sign up here to become a mentor!
  • If you’re new to BECC and looking to make connections and learn more about the community, sign up here to become a mentee!

We’ll match mentors and mentees and connect you via email in advance of the conference so you can arrange a time to meet up at a break or over a meal to ask questions, share expertise, and connect to others in the BECC community. We’ll reserve tables for the dessert reception and lunch one day so that you have an easy way to meet up (further details on this with your assignments). Make sure to sign up before October 1st so we’ve got time to match and contact people. Questions? Contact Laura Cornish at