Carbon Footprint Projects


Join the BECC Go Carbon Neutral 2020 campaign!

  1. Calculate your household carbon footprint
  2. Offset all or part of your footprint on the Take Action Page
  3. Leave a comment below telling us the project you chose, how much carbon you offset, and how much you plan to offset in the future.



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  1. Reply

    Thanks to BECC my household is now carbon neutral! This month I purchased 2 tons of offsets from The Gold Standard’s Malawi Cookstoves project. I am pleased that my donation supports families in one of the world’s poorest countries while decreasing demand on forests for firewood. I commit to continuing to try to reduce my carbon footprint and to purchase at least 2 tons per month to start drawing down a lifetime of emissions.

  2. Therese Peffer


    I love this calculator! This year my family of four produced 32 tons CO2eq–down from 46 tons in 2018! In 2020 we will fly less, we will install solar panels, and eat more vegetarian meals—this should reduce our emissions to 20 tons. So far this year, I have purchased 100 trees planted from and 100 trees planted from #TeamTrees (at about 47 pounds per tree, this is 4.7 tons per year for 20 years); I also purchased 15.7 tons offset from for a total of 20.4 tons offset. This is about $27/month. #GoCarbonNeutral2020 #BECC2019

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