When are papers due?  We do not require papers for this event.

Can I write a paper if I want to?  Yes.

If I write a paper, when will it be due to the moderator?  Two weeks prior to the conference.

Is it peer reviewed?  No.

Will it be posted on the website? Your presentation will be posted and you can submit to the E-Scholarship site if you wish.

Do you require that we post our work on the website?  No, you can ask that it not be made public.

Can I list as many authors as is appropriate?  On your final work you can, but not on the abstracts submission. The limit is two authors.

Can I submit more than one abstract?  Yes, but you can take the podium only once.

Can we change the order of speakers?  Yes, up to two weeks prior to the conference.

Can I edit my abstract if it gets accepted?  You can for grammar or to correct a name, but not the topic and treatment for which your work was selected. You can make only one such correction after you have accepted our invitation to present.

Can I submit two panels?  Yes; however you can take the podium only once.

If I invite a guest speaker for a panel, will they need to pay the registration?  In 90% of the cases, yes.  There can be some exceptions, but these are rare and the person would not have a reason to attend the conference if not on the panel.

If I request a full 20-minute presentation slot, can I split the presentation between two people?  Yes.

Can I suggest a different topic for my work on the submission site?  Yes.

Will the presentations be recorded (audio and presentation materials only) and posted on the BECC website after the event?  Yes, six months after the conference the link to the presentations will go public on the BECC website. In addition, everyone who registered will receive a link to the presentations which will be made available two weeks after the conference.

Do you waive fees for speakers? No, every attendee pays regardless of how they participate in this event—even our planning team members. This is how we keep our fees low for everyone who wishes to attend.

I am a student; is there a special fee for me?  Yes, please see our website for scholarship details.

How many words are we allowed for the abstract?  250 words.

Will I receive a confirmation email once I submit?  No, as you enter material it is automatically uploaded to our site. You can change anything until you press submit. Once you press submit, your submission is final and you will be directed to the BECC website.

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