Outreach for Underserved Populations

This year’s conference has 3 dedicated sessions and 24 presentations focussed on engaging underserved and hard-to-reach communities, including low-income residents, seniors, renters, students, rural areas and developing countries. Learn about the challenges, opportunities and latest strategies employed by BECC experts in targeting each unique population.

Here is a just sample of the relevant presentations:

• Energy Affordability and Access – Jessica Lin, U.S. Department of Energy

• How Are Electric Vehicle Consumers in Disadvantaged Communities Different? – Jamie Orose, Center for Sustainable Energy

• Low-Income Household Experiences with Demand-Side Response – Lee White, University of Southern California

• Expanding Rooftop Solar Adoption: Comparing Low- and High-Income Households – Kim Wolske, University of Chicago

• Lessons Learned Working with Low-Income Seniors – Samantha Chiu, Elevate Energy

• Enhancing Energy Savings for Low-Income Customers – Trent Hardman, Cadmus

• Key Considerations for Developing Communications and Outreach to Engage the Hard to Reach – Hilary Polis, Opinion Dynamics

• More than a Nudge: How a New Appliance Program Used Targeted Incentives to Change the Purchase Decisions of Bargain Shoppers – Brian Tholl, Fort Collins Utilities

• Code Officials Are People Too: Building Regulators as Middle Actors in India – Kathryn Janda, University College London

• Multi-Family Conservation Competition Results – Hal Nelson, Res-Intel

• Do Underserved Communities Care About EV Carsharing Services in LA? – Mitch Moore, BlueLA