Driving Rapid Emissions Reductions in Commercial Buildings through Workforce Training and Policy

Lead: Therese Peffer, Chris Jones, or Miriam Aczel at CIEE

Date: September 17, 2:00pm-3:30pm ET



Large commercial buildings are responsible for 16% of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions but are notoriously difficult to decarbonize due to the expense of replacing equipment, lack of motivation for building/portfolio owners and managers, and the dearth of training opportunities for operators.

Join us for a webinar outlining practices that can lead to rapid emissions reductions in large commercial buildings. Experts will discuss recent research projects that demonstrated 50–70% reduction in natural gas consumption in commercial buildings. They will showcase successful trainings and certificate offerings for building operators in community and technical colleges around the U.S and explore the underlying policies that can pave the way toward rapid decarbonization.


  • Speaker 1: Paul Raftery, Professional Researcher at the Center for the Built Environment, University of California Berkeley
  • Speaker 2: Peter Crabtree, Visiting Project Scientist and Principle Scientist, Building Efficiency for a Sustainable Tomorrow (BEST) Center
  • Speaker 3: Rupam Singla, Senior Project Manager, TRC
  • Moderator: Therese Peffer, Associate Director of California Institute for Energy & Environment (CIEE), UC Berkeley