BECC 2015│October 18 – 21
Hyatt Regency | Sacramento, California



This year’s lunch keynote -
Dr. Ernest Moniz, U.S. Secretary of Energy



Poster Session

Synced 2014 Audio/PowerPoint Videos Available

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Why Attend BECC?

The BECC Conference is convened by the California Institute for Energy and Environment (CIEE), University of California, the Precourt Energy Efficiency Center (PEEC), and the Stanford University, and American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (ACEEE).

Entering into its ninth year – BECC is the premier event focused on understanding individual and organizational behavior and decision-making related to energy usage, greenhouse gas emissions, climate change, and sustainability. BECC 2015 will build on the overwhelming success of previous BECC conferences, at which over 700 participants discussed innovative policy and program strategies, shared important research findings, and engaged in building dynamic new networks and collaborations. BECC’s goal is to encourage research, policy and programs that promote low-carbon behavior.  BECC 2015 is convened by the California Institute for Energy and Environment (CIEE), University of California, the Precourt Energy Efficiency Center (PEEC), Stanford University, and the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (ACEEE).

Opportunity for Paper Publication

We will again offer full paper sessions. Behavior is gaining recognition as a research area.  We continue to seek to channel awareness and recognition for academic and professional

Who You Can Meet!

BECC brings together a range of academics, practitioners, and policy-makers from a variety of fields engaged in energy and climate efforts in order to provide the latest and most relevant behavioral research, best practices, and methodologies. The organizers value abstracts from all relevant disciplines concerned with human behavior, society, and culture, especially work from applied anthropology, social psychology, behavioral economics, organizational behavior, political science, communications, and the cognitive sciences.

What is our Goal

No single field encompasses all facets of behavior change, so BECC brings together a wide range of top academics, practitioners and policy-makers to provide the latest and most relevant behavioral research findings, best practices and measured results.

Ultimately, we seek to answer this question: How can we most effectively encourage low-carbon behavior?

The organizers plan the agenda to cover diverse perspectives/research areas (social sciences, behavioral economics, communications/marketing/entertainment, public health, cognitive sciences and others) and issue sectors, including residential and commercial buildings, transportation, urban design, and sustainable consumption (including food).

BECC Topic Areas

Policies and programs that have demonstrated results in changing behavior are of particular interest, as well as thoughtful discussions of transformative ideas in the areas of emerging policies, program design, and behavioral research methods.

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