BECC’s First-Ever BECC Solutions Session

We need your help! As different as our organizations maybe, some of the challenges we face in implementing behavior change across the energy and climate spaces are similar. This year at BECC, we want to gather thought leaders from across our industries to brainstorm potential solutions to a real-world climate issue: mitigating wildfire risk on privately-owned forest lands.

Catastrophic wildfires, such as those seen across the western US in recent years, are both a contributor to and consequence of climate change. Contrary to popular thinking, private forest landowners play an outsized role in mitigating the risk of these wildfires. In fact, in California, most high fire risk forested land is in private hands. The American Forest Foundation is working with local partners in California to help these private landowners take action to protect their forests. Encouraging behavior change by private forest landowners presents many challenges.

This Solutions Session will help the American Forest Foundation work with private landowners to act on climate change by properly managing their forests. The session will is led by Dr. Reuven Sussman (ACEEE, Behavior and Human Dimensions Program), with expert panelists Dr. Wesley Schultz (Professor of Psychology, California State University San Marcos) and Dr. Ashley Whillans (Assistant Professor of Behavioral Science, Harvard). Presenting the challenge will be the American Forest Foundation. Participants will have a chance to brainstorm behaviorally-informed solutions that can make a difference in solving this critically important issue. Join us and help turn research into action!



  • American Forest Foundation

Expert Panelists:

  • Wesley Schultz, Professor of Psychology, California State University San Marcos
  • Lea Lupkin, ICF


  • Reuven Sussman, Behavior and Human Dimensions Program Manager, ACEEE


Sign up to participate now (free with conference registration, limited seating). Monday, November 18, 2019 at 5-6:20 pm.