Spark the Switch: Overcoming Barriers to Heat Pump Adoption and Electrification

Lead: Beth Karlin at See Change Institute

Date: November 19, 2:00pm-3:30pm ET



Residential heat pumps, despite their energy efficiency and environmental benefits, face significant adoption barriers due to psychological, social, and economic factors. Understanding and addressing these obstacles is crucial to accelerating their adoption and promoting electrification.

To address these challenges, this webinar brings together three leading behavioral researchers and practitioners to dissect the obstacles. They will explore the customer journey from initial consideration to post-installation support, highlighting key behavioral barriers that hinder widespread adoption. Attendees will gain practical strategies to overcome these barriers, including methods to effectively engage middle actors such as contractors and installers in the decision-making process. Moreover, the session will explore innovative approaches to enhance customer education and satisfaction post-installation, aiming to foster greater uptake of heat pump technology in residential settings.

Speakers (up to 3, plus moderator):

  • Speaker 1:    TBD
  • Speaker 2:    TBD
  • Speaker 3:    Rebecca Ford, Regen, LocalZero, See Change Institute
  • Moderator: Beth Karlin, Founder and CEO, See Change Institute