Convening Directors
Steven Nadel, ACEEE
Carl Blumstein, Director, CIEE, and Chairman of the Board, ACEEE
James Sweeney, PEEC, Stanford University

Conference Co-Chairs
Naomi Baum, ACEEE
Reuven Sussman, ACEEE
Therese Peffer, BECI, UC Berkeley
Margaret Taylor, PEEC, Stanford University

Conference Manager
Cara Lee Mahany Braithwait

Founding Chair
Linda Schuck, CIEE, University of California

Program Committee
Chair: Chris Jones, BECI, UC Berkeley
Yaw Agyeman, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Pat Aloise-Young, Colorado State University
Ines Azevedo, Carnegie Mellon University
Debbie Brannan, Navigant
Linda Dethman, Research Into Action
Anne Dougherty, ILLUME Advising
Amanda Dwelley, ILLUME Advising
Robert Gifford, University of Victoria
Lindsay Graham, University of California, Berkeley
Kristin Heinemeier, University of California, Davis
Darrin Kayser, Booz Allen Hamilton
Mithra Moezzi, Ghoulem Research
Susan Norris, Pacific Gas and Electric Company
Derek Okada, Southern California Edison
Olivia Patterson, Opinion Dynamics
Christopher Payne, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Therese Peffer, BECI, UC Berkeley
Annalisa Schilla, California Air Resources Board
Wesley Shultz, California State University, San Marcos
Ed Smyth, DNV – GL
Reuven Sussman, ACEEE
Gil Tal, University of California, Davis
Annika Todd, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Elaine Ulrich, SunShot, U.S. Department of Energy
Shruti Vaidyanathan, ACEEE
Amy Wolfe, Oak Ridge National Laboratory