Please find below the list of presentations that were made available for downloading. All presentations are organized in the order of the conference agenda and grouped by session.


Lightning Session: Marketing
Moderator: Carol Suhan, Fortis BC

Asking Big Questions
Moderator: Amy Wolfe, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

RCT and Quasi-Experimental Design: Results from the Field
Moderator: Sharyn Barata, Opinion Dynamics

Electric Vehicle Usage and Adoption
Moderator: Gil Tal, University of California, Davis

State and Local Programs
Moderator: Courtney Henderson, Illume Advising

Panel Session: Keep the Change: The Persistence of New Energy Behaviors
Moderator: Kira Ashby, Consortium for Energy Efficiency, Inc.

⦁ Bruce Ceniceros, Sacramento Municipal Utility District
⦁ Vincent Gutierrez, Commonwealth Edison
⦁ Bill Mann, Duke Energy
⦁ Steve Menges, National Grid

Lightning Session: Water, Waste and Consumption
Moderator: Gene Rodrigues, ICF

Think You Know Home Energy Reports? Think Again!
Moderator: Debbie Brannan, Navigant

Effective Climate Change Communication
Moderator: Maria Vargas, U.S. Department of Energy

Behavior Change in Large Organizations
Moderator: Holly Barrett, Brand Cool

Making People and Buildings Smarter with Technology
Moderator: Elizabeth Titus, Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships

Panel Session: Decision Science and the Transportation Revolution – Part 1
Moderator: Margaret Taylor, PEEC, Stanford University


  • Traveler Response Architecture using Novel Signaling for Network Efficiency in Transportation (TRANSNET) – Kristen Brown, Fellow, U.S. Department of Energy, Advanced Research Projects Agency – Energy
  • Decision Science in the Systems and Modeling for Accelerated Research in Transportation (SMART) Mobility Consortium – Reuben Sarkar, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Transportation, U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy
  • Changing Consumer Behavior through Outreach and Awareness – Robert Graham, Director, EV Everywhere, U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy

⦁ Systems Analysis – Lei Zhang, Director, National Transportation Center, University Maryland
⦁ Demand Models and Surveys – Colin Smith, Director, Resource Systems Group, Inc.
⦁ Consumer Behavior – Rebecca Lindland, Kelley Blue Book
⦁ Competitive Strategy – John Paul MacDuffie, Wharton, University of Pennsylvania

Lightning Session: Models and Metrics
Moderator: Jennie Rice, Cadmus

Engaging Low-Income Communities
Moderator: Michael Li, U.S. Department of Energy

Attitudes, Choices, and Theories of Decision-Making
Moderator: Jenna Bagnall-Reilly, West Hill Energy & Computing

Battle of the Continents: Innovative National Policies from Europe, Asia, and North America
Moderator: Steve Nadel, American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy

Proven Approaches to Program Design That Drive Behavior Change and Conservation
Moderator: Susan Norris, Pacific Gas and Electric Company


Lightning Session: Stronger Together: Leveraging Groups for Behavior Change
Moderator: Cathy DuBois, Kent State

Effects on Behavior: Finding Relevant Factors
Moderator: Kelly Kuehn, Duke Energy

  • Design Learning from the Extremes? Energy Efficiency in Saudi Arabia – Gomathi Sadhasivan, DNV GL
  • Which Buttons Should We Push to Maximize Energy Savings? – Marta Lopes, IPC-ESAC, INESC Coimbra
  • Customer Behavior and Engagement in a Smart Grid Pilot – Dana Max, Navigant
  • Behavioral Considerations for Effective Time-Varying Electricity Prices — Ian Schneider, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Municipal-Level Policy: The Importance of Engagement
Moderator: Kristin Heinemeier, University of California, Davis

Clarity Begins at Home: Insights into Residential Behavior
Moderator: Bruce Ceniceros, Sacramento Municipal Utility District

  • The United States on 10-15 kWh/Day – Philip Coleman, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
  • Energy Cultures: Renting in a University Town – Elizabeth Palchak, University of Vermont
  • Factors Relating to Energy Saving in Households: Evaluating Behavioral and Demographic Variables in a Smart Home Project – Saraansh Dave, Toshiba Research Europe, Ltd.
  • Certified Community Energy Ambassadors: Developing a Local Network of Support for Ongoing Action – Christine Granger, Cool Davis

Get Out of Your Car: New Mobility for the 21st Century
Moderator: Shruti Vaidyanathan, American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy

Panel Session: Using Behavioral, Cultural, and Social Insights to Expand Uptake of Residential Energy Efficiency
Moderator: Tim Treadwell, Center for Sustainable Energy

⦁ Stephanie Berkland, TRC Energy Services
⦁ Susan Mazur-Stommen, Indicia Consulting, LLC
⦁ Andy Campbell, Energy Institute at Haas

Lightning Session: Influencing Clean Vehicles, Shared or Active Mobility Decisions: Lessons from the Field
Moderator: Frances Sprei, Chalmers University of Technology

  • The Effect of Gasoline Prices on the Willingness to Consider Fuel-Efficient Vehicles – Yeong Jae Kim, Georgia Tech
  • EV Adoption Trends Across the United States – Georgina Arreola, Center for Sustainable Energy
  • Socially Optimal Replacement of Conventional Vehicles with Electric Vehicles for the U.S. Household Fleet – Eleftheria Kontou, University of Florida
  • New Car Insurance Models for Shared Mobility – Allen Greenberg, U.S. Department of Transportation/FHWA
  • Alternative Fuel Vehicles: Who Buys, Who Might Buy, and What Can Induce Them to Buy? – Rubal Dua, KAPSARC
  • Evaluating SRTS Program Impacts on CO2 Emissions – Ursula Vogler, Metropolitan Transportation Commission

Seeing Around Corners: Innovative Approaches to Program Design
Moderator: Tim Pettit, DNV-GL

  • Look Before You Leap: Leveraging Landscape Analysis As a Method for Behavioral Program Selection, Design, and Improvement – Lea Lupkin, Yale University/SEE Change Institute
  • Design Thinking: An Innovative Approach for Utilities to Unlock Customer Value – Jenni Cathcart, Vermont Energy Investment Corporation
  • Mapping the Customer Journey: Pathways to Satisfaction and Deeper Savings – Amanda Dwelley, ILLUME Advising
  • How We Decide: Evaluating Strategies and Trade-Offs – Cole Roberts, Arup

Scaling Up Solar Deployment: Modeling Behavior in Markets, Participation, and Adoption
Moderator: Susan Mazur-Stommen, Indicia Consulting

Engaging Stakeholders in Complex Organizations
Moderator: Kathy Kuntz, Cool Choices

Getting Consumers to Yes: Marketing Insights from Acquisition to Action
Moderator: Jennifer Hampton, Navigant

Panel Session: Leveraging Audience Identity to Drive Behavior
Moderator: Col. James Caley (ret.), U.S. Navy

⦁ Defining Energy Consumer Identities from 10 Years of Energy Pulse™ Data – Lee Ann Head, Shelton Group
⦁ Granny’s Got Game: Using Games Across Demographic Segments – Robert Feeney, Ringorang
⦁ Energy Is Me: Tying Energy to the U.S. Marines’ Warrior Ethos – Darrin Kayser, Booz Allen Hamilton

Lightning Session: What Did You Do? Programs and Insights
Moderator: Lisa Cascio, Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships

Panel Session: Organizational Decisions on Moving Goods
Moderator: Rachael Nealer, U.S. Department of Energy

⦁ Buddy Polovick, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency SmartWay
⦁ Shama Campbell, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
⦁ Jim Dwyer, Maryland Port Administration

Getting Smart about Smart Homes
Moderator: Beth Karlin, ‎University of Southern California

  • Homeowner Behavior in the First Net Zero Energy Townhomes in the United States – Aaron Adelstein, Master Builders Association
  • Can Smart Thermostats Help Residential Customers Reduce Heating Usage? – Dan Rubado, Energy Trust of Oregon
  • From the Technical to the Human Potential: The Development of an Energy Management System – Carlos Antunes, University of Coimbra, INESCC
  • The Importance of Customer Engagement for Wi-Fi Connected Home Products – Carol Burwick, Duke Energy

Well Measured: The Art of Effective Benchmarking and Modeling
Moderator: Ed Smyth, DNV-GL

Making New Technologies Stick: From Lean Launchpads to Crowdsourcing
Moderator: Linda Dethman, Research Into Action

Panel Session: Engaging Residents in Affordable Housing: Examples from the Denver and District of Columbia Housing Authorities
Moderator: Krista Egger, Enterprise Green Communities

⦁ Nicole O’Connor, Energy Outreach Colorado
⦁ Rachelle Macur, Group14 Engineering
⦁ Chris Jedd, Denver Housing Authority
⦁ Molly Simpson, D.C. Housing Authority

Spotlight 1
Shifting the Climate Change Conversation
Moderator: Paul Wright, Director of the Berkeley Energy and Climate Institute

⦁ The Honorable Bob Inglis, U.S. Representative (R-South Carolina, 1993-1995, 2005-2011)
Sharon Dunwoody, Evjue-Bascom Professor, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Spotlight 2
How Did That Box Get to My Door? The Future of Freight
Moderator: Therese Langer, American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy

Benoit Montreuil, Georgia Tech
Alex Stark, Kane is Able


Lightning Session: You Did What!? Does Evaluation Tell Us What We Think It Does?
Moderator: Teresa Lutz, Michaels Energy

What Can Data Tell Us About Occupants?
Moderator: Therese Peffer, University of California, Berkeley

The Secrets to Success for Behavior Programs
Moderator: Sarah Outcault, University of California, Davis

Engaging Stakeholders in Complex Organizations
Moderator: Christopher Payne, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Engaging Low-Income Communities
Moderator: Tom Calhoun, Corporation for Ohio Appalachian Development

Panel Session: The Importance of an Integrated Design in Creating High Performance Green Buildings
Moderator: Bryan Steverson, U.S. General Services Administration

⦁ Renee Cheng, University of Minnesota
⦁ Laura Stagner, U.S. General Services Administration

CLOSING PLENARY: Profiles in Leadership
Moderator: James Sweeney, PEEC, Stanford University

⦁ Maya Shankar, White House
⦁ Elaine Ulrich, SunShot, U.S. Department of Energy
⦁ Chris Weaver, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency