Please find below the list of presentations that were made available for downloading. All presentations are organized in the order of the Schedule of Events and grouped by session.

Monday, November 18

Opening Plenary:

  • What You Need to Know About the Framing of Energy and Energy and Global Warming– George Lakoff, Richard & Rhoda Goldman Distinguished Professor of Cognitive Science & Linguistics University of California, Berkeley (presentation not available for distribution)

Lightning Session: Frontiers in Research

Social Media

Application of Behavior Theory to Improve Transportation Program Design

Engaging Employees and Residents with Games, Incentives, and Fun!

Driving Sustainable Behavior: Engaging Individuals

Using Experimental Design and Big Data to Evaluate Behavior Programs

Lightning Session: Greening the Workplace

Can “Big Data” Live up to the Hype?

Conservatives and Liberals: Political Affiliation and Marketing

Leaving the Car at Home
Different Social Science Perspectives on Behavior
Modeling Energy Use and Mitigation Opportunities

Spotlight Panels

Green Button, White Hats: The Role of Big Data in Energy Efficiency and Behavior

  • Michael Li, US DOE
  • Indran Ratnathicam, Director, Marketing & Strategy, FirstFuel (presentation unavailable for distribution)
  • Professor Ram Rajagopa, Stanford University (presentation unavailable for distribution)
  • Anne Dougherty, Illume Advertising

Spotlight on Behavior and the Future

  • Jamais Cascio, Distinguished Fellow, Institute for the Future and Senior Fellow, Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technology (presentation unavailable for distribution)
  • Jeremy Bailenson, Founding Director, Virtual Human Interaction Lab and Associate Professor of Communication, Stanford University (presentation unavailable for distribution)

Tuesday, November 19

Spotlight Panels

The Evolving Fields of Behavorial Economics and Behavorial Finance

  • Gregory LaBlanc – Lecturer, Haas School of Business, Boalt Hall School of Law & Department of Economics, UC Berkeley
  • John M. Gowdy, Rittenhouse Professor of Humanities and Social Sciences, Department of Economics, Rennselaer Polytechnic Institute

The Fascinating Field of Neuroeconomics

  • Helene York, Global Director, Bon Appetit@Google (presentation unavailable for distribution)
  • Richard Young, Senior Engineer and Director of Education, Food Service Technology Center (presentation unavailable for distribution)
  • Andrew Shakman, CEO and Founder of LeanPath (presentation unavailable for distribution)

Lightning Session: Community Programs


Net Zero Buildings

Feedback on Cost of Driving – Moving Beyond Gasoline Prices as Economic Motivation of Vehicle Choice and Driving

Framing and Communicating Climate Change Adaptation and Health Outcomes

Energy Use Uncovered Using Smart Meter Data

Lightning Session: Marketing

How We Understand and Frame Energy and Environment

New Territory for Targeted Programs

Increasing Engagement in Energy Programs

Influencing Behavior Through Pricing, Information and Technologies

Methods for Getting the Information You Really Wanted


Lightning Session: Program Design

Reaching Low-Income Households

Utilities Combine Market Intel With Behavorial Tools to Drive Customer Engagement

Making PEV Work for More People

Marketing Strategies for Program Design

The Holy Grail or Smart Meter Data – Understanding What is Going On Inside Homes To Target Customer Engagement

Wednesday, November 20

Lightning Session: Technology & Behavior

Games, Competitions & Social Influence

Organizational Change Management

Heard It From a Friend: Social Networks Drive Change

Best Practices in Program Design

Behavorial Economics

Lightning Session: Schools

Strategic Energy Management in Business

Program Design in Messy Situations

Achieving Persistence

Big Data – Smarter Meters – Buildings

Post-Conference Workshops


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