Please find below the list of presentations that were made available for downloading. All presentations are organized in the order of the Schedule of Events and grouped by session.

Monday, November 12

Opening Plenary:

Lightning Session: Program Design and Evaluation

Engaging Diverse Communities in Behavior Change

Engaging Building Occupants

Gamification I

Unique Approaches to Employee Engagement

Effective CBSM Approaches to Reducing Waste

Lightning Session: Management and Business

Home Energy Reports

Integrating Behavior Into Evaluation

How Different Understanding of Climate Change Affects Policy and Communication
What’s Going on Inside the Home?
Combining Electric Vehicles with Solar PV

Spotlight Panels

Hollywood Media and Messaging

  • No presentations available for distribution

Conservative Thinking on Energy and Climate

Tuesday, November 13

Spotlight Panels

Social Media and Real World Behavior

  • No presentations available for distribution

The Fascinating Field of Neuroeconomics

  • No presentations available for distribution

Lightning Session: Policy & Planning

Models & Transdisciplinary Research 

Conspicuous & Non-Conspicuous Travel Choices

Gamification in the Workplace

Designing Enduring Organizational Change – A Participatory Roundtable

Bringing on the Solar Nation

Lightning Session: Community Based Programs

Behavioral Theory Into Practice

  • Refining the akA-B Model for Greater Behavior Change – Katherine Randazzo, Opinion Dynamics Corporation

Best Practices in Behavior Program Evaluation

New Marketing Insights

Health and Behavior Change

EDF Climate Corps: Breaking Down Barriers to Energy Efficiency

  • No presentations available for distribution

Lightning Session: Feedback and Response as a Behavior Trigger

  • No presentations available for distribution

Social Marketing: Real World Lessons

Innovative Government Initiatives

Peer-to-Peer Capacity Building

  • No presentations available for distribution


The Art and Science of Film & Behavior Change: An Emerging Agenda

  • No presentations available for distribution

Wednesday, November 14

Lightning Session: People-Powered Transport

Research to Inform Policy

Using Real-Time Data to Change Behavior

Employees as Community Catalysts

Cooperation, Collective Action & Climate Change Ethics

Coordinating California’s Statewide Energy & Behavior Change Campaigns

Lightning Session: Feedback & Thermostats

Smart Travel Choices

New Marketing Tactics

Communicating Scientific Information

Engaging Faith-Based Groups in Climate Action

Oberlin: An In-Depth Case Study

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